In our work environment we can be faced with people who are in charge of decision making and whose behaviour we might perceive as „scary“. In this workshop we will take a look at our feelings and needs, and tune in to those of the other person, discovering the human being beneath the perceived „dragon“. Through role play with your personal examples we will practice entering into dialogue with the other and attempt moving towards greater empathy on both sides.

NVC Level: This workshop is suitable for participants who have completed at least an introductory course and some foundation training (e.g. deeping self-empathy) in NVC.

linda-mentnerLinda Mentner

coordinates the bilingual work at a day-care centre. Her focus lies on increasingly bringing NVC into teamwork and developing suitable organisational structures as well as fostering international connection.



Language: The workshop will be held in English. Participants should be comfortable taking part in general conversation in English. However, the trainer is a native German speaker, so if you feel unsure with regards to specific vocabulary or would prefer practicing authentic self-expression in German you would also be welcome.