Workshop Nr. 1.03

At work, we are faced with a great range of attitudes, dispositions and points of view. There are plenty of opportunities to become annoyed, disheartened or even cynical, whether it’s your boss, colleague or customer. Enemy images can easily be created. As a result our enjoyment of coming to work or attending a certain meeting decreases and our energy is drained. At this workshop we will attempt to uncover what lies beneath the label we give other people or ourselves. We will try to gain more empathy and understanding of our enemy images, thus regaining some of our drive.

Recommended Level in NVC: 2-3 day introductiory course necessary

Language: The workshop will be held in English. Participants who have no problems generally understanding the English language, but may have some questions regarding specific vocabulary or would prefer practising authentic self-expression in German, are also welcome as the trainer is a native German speaker.

Linda MentnerLinda Mentner

In her role as coordinator of the bilingual work at a day-care centre, Linda’s focus is on increasingly bringing NVC into teamwork and the development of organisational structures as well as fostering international connections.