Workshop Nr. 1.02

An impassioned speech from Greta Thunberg at the UN climate summit, a controversial climate package delivered by the coalition government, millions protesting for climate justice around the globe…

Whether you are overwhelmed about the state of affairs or believe that it’s all a hoax, most will agree that climate change can be a contentious and emotional issue.

In this workshop we will explore the topic from a needs-based perspective, with space for you to empathically connect to yourself and others as well as gaining insight into NVC concepts relevant to social change.

Linda MentnerLinda Mentner

In her role as coordinator of the bilingual work at a day-care centre, Linda’s focus is on increasingly bringing NVC into teamwork and the intercultural aspects of working together as a team. Outside of work Linda is an environmental activist and has started NVC related collaboration with groups such as Fridays for Future.


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